OOTD, a Cafe Nero lunch date and mini-update!

Hello! :)

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! Touch wood it looks like we're into Spring at last, but Sky News managed to put a downer on that by warning hayfever sufferers to expect a rough time of it. I love that we're getting more hours of daylight now, and Lily is definitely enjoying watching all the birds and people in their gardens. 

I was utterly exhausted yesterday, which is why I didn't manage to get a post out. My mum came over for a couple of hours and the vast majority of the time was spent discussing how best to help her dad, who has Binswanger's disease and is in a nursing home. Binswanger's is a form of vascular dementia and is quite rare. He is non-verbal and paralysed down the right hand side. He's also double-incontinent which is just awful. I haven't seen him in at least 15 years so apart from it obviously being a terrible thing to happen to someone, I don't feel upset or anything but I am considering going with my mum to visit and maybe see about volunteering if it is somewhere that needs an extra pair of hands - and isn't tricky to find! I'm definitely going to start baking for them! 

Talking for an extended period of time destroys my energy levels, so by the time my boyfriend arrived a few hours later I was barely awake. Plus I managed to forget to take my medication in the morning which didn't help with feeling and less crappy! Once he put Match of the Day on I fell asleep on him and slept for 12 hours, which hasn't happened for ages! 

This morning I felt better and was desperate for coffee so we went to Cafe Nero :)

Black Top : Topshop
Leggings :  Black Milk
Shoes : Topshop

not terribly exciting, I know!

As it was about 1pm by the time we got to town, we decided to just have some lunch there. I got my usual grande soya cappuccino, then decided on a mozzarella, sundried tomato and basil pesto panini then just because I'm painfully greedy I got a caramel shortcake as well. 

It came to £8.something in total... 

Despite being painfully full, I regret nothing! It's incredibly rare I eat this much in one go, and we're having a healthy dinner - recipe will be online tomorrow - so yeah..... It's all about a healthy balance and treats being just that!

Funny side story: I was sat waiting for the boyfriend to come back downstairs from the bathroom when a man who must have easily been in his 70s approached me with "those tights are very unique aren't they!" My first thought was 'they're not tights you fool, if you're going to comment on my clothes without invitation at least get it right...' but I held that one back. Instead I think I just agreed that they're definitely different for the clothes people around here generally wear and that's why I bought them. He asked where from, and when I said they were from Australia that just fed his intrigue more and he started trying to read the comic strip!!! Talk about awkward. Even when he wasn't talking to me he was just stood opposite me and it was just..... awkward. People around here don't do well with different fashions! I was fully expecting him to comment on the bar through my lip but thankfully he didn't. That would have been one step too far I think! 

He wasn't being critical or hateful or anything. He was genuinely interested! It's just not terribly often people talk to me at random about what I happen to be wearing. 


So what did I do to deserve this treat? WELL!!!!!!! As you may or may not know, I am genuinely terrified of airports and planes, and obviously have never been abroad. At the grand old age of 25, I booked my first ever flight!!! On 30th June 2013 I will be heading to Nerja, Spain with my boyfriend! I have to say, I am so relieved that my first time will be with him.... with any luck his calmness will help keep me rational and in control. We're flying with EasyJet which isn't brilliant but it could be worse! There are so many emotions going around me; thankfully there's a bit of time to work on my fears and hopefully it'll be an enjoyable experience. 

I am thinking about documenting my journey on video, to maybe help other people who are scared of flying... I tried looking on YouTube but there weren't many around, apart from a brilliant video by an airline but of course now I can't remember which airline and can't find it!! If I do I'll link it in here. 

So that's the biggest piece of news for this week! 

What was your first flight like? Were you scared? How did you cope? 

I'd love to hear your stories so please leave them in the comments section! :) 

Until next time...

Keep smiling! :)

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