New Look HAUL: I just couldn't resist...

Yesterday was 'treat day' and I may have taken advantage a bit too much!! I do feel a bit guilty about all the indulgence but it is a very rare occurrence... 

The weather was cold, wet and crap as per usual so I did my best to dress for my walk into town/battle against the elements!


 Coat/Top/Cardi: Topshop

Patchwork Skirt: Per Una
Ankle Boots: New Look

Shoulder bag: Cath Kidston

 Pretty lame effort with make-up, but I really do love dream matte mousse! I used a purple eye-shadow which is by Dior; black mascara by Max Factor; lower lashes were brown from Natural Collection and I used a Collection 2000 black eye liner. It's very rare I wear lipstick but I always, always have vaseline lip balm on. 

I just wanted to show off my vertical labret ;) haha

Anyway!!! In my post hot stone massage haze, I went for a wander and found myself in New Look. It took a lot of restraint to pull myself away from the racks and leave when I did! The best bargains I got were thanks to their '2 for £8' on the crew neck tops and '2 for £15' on selected fashion tees. I absolutely love the concessions they have in store too. It's always very unique and generally fantastic. 

Here's what I bagged during this visit! 


This gem cost just £9.99!

These were part of the '2 for £8' promotion

These cute tops were in the '2 for £15' promotion! I absolutely love the pattern on the off-pink top!!!!! 

Who doesn't love elephants?! *** cuuuuuute ***

Concession Finds! : Apricot

I had to have this as soon as I saw it! This vest top is 
a bit on the thin side but it's absolutely ideal for summer 
and any potential holidays that aren't restricted to the 
British weather! It cost £14.99 and is worth every penny.

Once again, I had to have this as soon as I saw it. I absolutely love the pattern and how free-flowing it is. All I'd do is wear this over a long sleeved black top and probably black leggings to match. This little beauty will cost you £18. 


It was soooooo hard to get just the one skirt but I remembered falling in love with this skirt last week when I browsed the railings. Maxi skirts are a real weakness of mine and I think this one could be worn all year round to be honest! There is a knee-length under skirt which was a welcome surprise. Any additional insulation can't be a bad thing, plus there's less worry about the dreaded underwear visibility issue. 

This gorgeous skirt costs £19.99 and comes with the belt!

In all, I spent £86.97 but I'm 100% sure I'll be returning a lot sooner than normal for my next installment of awesome clothes!!!

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