Make-Up overHAUL : Sedona Lace

Ohmygosh this is just so exciting!!!!!!!!!

I only placed my order a couple of weeks ago, if that, and was tweeted by @SedonaLace on 20th April to let me know that my order was on it's merry way from Florida. I fully expected the delivery to take a good 3 weeks if not longer. It was a spectacular surprise and one of those rare occasions my postman is greeted with a smile if he's gotten me out of bed.

Very well packaged for it's long journey! :)

Lily has to check-in everything...

To recap what I ordered: Vortex Professional Makeup Brushes with zipper belt which costs $89.95 USD or £58.02 GBP. The brushes are absolutely exceptional and by far the best I have come across, and the belt is black leather with an embossed logo pouch inside, where there is more than enough room for your brushes and anything else you might need!

Absolutely beautiful!!! Totally worth the money because I am sure they will last me a long time! :)

I also ordered their 168 Pro Full Colour Eyeshadow Palette  which is sold for $29.95 USD or £19.31 GBP, so really, how could I not?! It took me AGES to decide which eyeshadow selection to go for but I think I've made the right decision.

Super cute case!! :)

When the palette is open, you can sit each 'container' in the case so you've got full access to all of these amazing colours!

There are plastic sheets to cover the eye-shadows when you're not using them, and they stack on top of each other to close.


Some are more matte than others and some have a sparkle to them - which I tried to show with the flash to varying degrees of success! Obviously, it would be ridonkulous to swatch all of these but I will work my way through ones that I particularly love or work with my awkward paleness and red hair, so stay tuned for more Sedona Lace posts!

I believe these are bonus colours!!! :) and I really did love how the brushes and these little shadows were sent. Very cute!

Seeing as this post is already insanely long and picture heavy, I will definitely stop now and do follow-up posts on the brushes and swatches etc.... All of this cost me $121.92 ($26 shipping) which converts to £78.62 excluding an over-seas charge from Halifax and any potential fees I shall be getting from the customs office! I paid via Paypal which was ideal.

I really hope you give Sedona Lace a visit! :)

Until next time ;)


  1. Oh wow, those brushes look gorgeous, and that palette is epic! I can't wait for the swatches and reviews :)

  2. What a brilliant haul! I'm gonna have to have a little look :) xx

    1. I believe they're running a sale tomorrow! ;) xx

  3. Wowowow those brushes look lovely. I really need to get myself some decent ones. I cannot believe how many eyeshadows are in that palette for that price! What is the quality of them like?

    Corinne x

    1. It's amazing isn't it! They remind me of my Dior eye shadows, so that's a pretty big compliment to them! x


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