Lush Cosmetics : Ickle Baby Bot

Peek-a-boo! Haha!

This is 'ickle baby bot' ... Isn't he just adorable?! I think he's targeted more for little ones but what the hell! He was one of my cheaper purchases at £1.90. What lured me to buy this, more than the adorable factor, is that he smells of little more than baby powder and lavender. So pure and delicate, I just had to!

My skin is an absolute nightmare when it comes to products, so Lush is like paradise! :) I'm always overly excited when I visit them and bring my latest buys home to try out.

The directions say to run your bath first and then drop him in, so he chilled out with the candles until his time came! Then Lily decided to join me, as she often does... so we both watched him do his fizzy thing:

Post bath musings: I loved the smell during my hour long soak! It was so gentle but soothing. The water didn't feel oily or like it had any product in it at all, which I can find sometimes; I'll get a burning or itching type sensation. 

My skin feels incredibly soft and hydrated. 

I definitely felt calmer after and much more confident that I would be able to sleep. 

Absolutely brilliant!!! I will definitely buy these again and keep some in stock. For £1.90 you really are getting a bargain.

Baths need ducks. It's the law.

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  1. Yay I can comment now! I read your about me and it sounds like your blogs going to be really interesting :)
    This little robot is soo cute haha I wouldn't want to melt him . I haven't had a lush bath in ages :(!!xx


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