Lush Cosmetics : A Fresh Kiss

Ooh la la!! ;)

As the title says, this pretty little bubble bar is called 'A French Kiss' and will cost you £4.15, so it is one of the more extravagant buys from my haul but it is totally worth it! 

I'm always lured in by lavender. Those in the mental health community always rave about natural remedies to try, and of course the calming effects of lavender are widely known. It might be a placebo effect, but that's not a bad thing. If it relaxes you and helps you sleep, fantastic. 

Plus it smells lovely. I couldn't really pick up on anything other than lavender, but it wasn't overpowering!

As with all bubble bars, you have to crumble up the bar under running water. If you drop in chunks they won't dissolve properly so you'll miss out on bubble fun and end up sitting on lumps of it! The texture wasn't greasy or unpleasant in the slightest, so my worries about seeing an oil slick on my bath were swiftly put to rest. 


If you want an epic bubble bath, use the whole bar! But if you're more of a small scale bubble bather than just use half - you'd be surprised how much you get from it!

Post bath: Once again I spent about an hour in the bath! The lavender was very gentle, but you notice it's effects after 20 minutes or so. It definitely helps to have a hot bath to help release the scented oils, but obviously don't have one of those baths that turns your skin scarlet red! ;) 

My skin feels wonderful! It's so soft and hydrated, plus I smell nice. Haha. I definitely feel less anxiety and my muscles are less tense and painful. For once I don't feel worried about getting to sleep and am almost certain I'll be away with the fairies in no time. 

I'm very happy that I only used half a bar this time. This one may be my favourite, but I need to explore more 'sleepy' products before I can make that statement. 

It is possible that I love every product Lush has to offer..... but hey, they're doing awesome work! 

If you're having trouble with your sleep, add this into your routine and see what happens. 

I'm off to bed! :)


  1. Ooh I really want to try this, love lavender for destressing haha! It is one of the more expensive ones though... Worth a try I spose :)

  2. Oh absolutely!!!! If you only use half, it's only £2 per bath which doesn't seem as extravagant ;) definitely slept really well last night too, which I'd pay hundreds for! xx

  3. I love Lush! products, we had a demonstration from them at the Blogger Meet today, they explained all their products are sourced from local/small farms using best quality ingredients, which is something I really love about them.

    This product looks lovely, I often have trouble sleeping so I must give it a whirl.

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches


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