Lush Cosmetics : Dorothy

We're off to see the wizard...... 

I was perhaps slightly over-excited when I saw this bubble bar! 
It's bright and multi-coloured... just had to have it! :)
At £2.99 it's a fair price.
There isn't an intense smell of anything specific with this bar, just gentle hints of a citrus-type fruit and soap. Lovely! 

I really didn't want to break it apart, but settled on using half of the bar again. Their bubble bars seem to produce so much from half, unless you've got one of those super cool big baths it's going to be a bit of a waste to use it all in one go, but that's just my opinion.

IT'S SO BLUE!!!!!!!!! 

This bubble bar would be brilliant for children. It's bright, it smells nice, breaks apart easily and it turns your hands bright blue!

Oh, and you get a blue bath too... :)

Post bath musings: I had expected to be able to smell something more from the bubble bar once it had hit the hot water, but sadly not! Unless it was just my stuffy nose, there really wasn't anything to report there. It's not the end of the world though, the bath was a cool colour and the bubbles lasted for the entire hour or so I was in my watery retreat. My skin felt soft after but didn't have that 'talc' type feeling to it, which I've had with the previous products. 

It was fun to use and I don't feel like it was a waste of money :) 

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