Lakeland HAUL : One of my most favourite shops!!

I love Lakeland.

It's an absolute paradise if you love unique, good quality home furnishings, kitchen or bathroom gadgets and baking supplies.

For the longest time, the closest store was a 30 odd minute train journey away, which is hardly ideal if you're like me and tend to buy vast amounts. Then they came to Brighton!!!!!! :) They are located in Churchill Square shopping centre on the lower ground level. It's smaller than the other store but with the internet to order from that's hardly a problem. Nothing beats actually going into a shop though, right? ;)

About a week or so ago I got sent a catalogue and spent an evening carefully marking out things I would like to buy. Near enough every other page was turned over.... Ooops?

It was my first visit to this shop so I wasn't sure how much they'd have but for the sake of my debit card, the less the better!

So here's what I bought :)

These. Are. Amazing!!

I am painfully clumsy and have now managed to break all my larger glasses, and saw these plastic ones and figured they'd be a pretty darn cool replacement! I bought four, at £3.39 each. 

I'd been looking for some more unique decorations for my flat and wasn't really finding any wall art or pictures that grabbed me, so I figured why not try this! It's going to go in the bedroom on the wall facing the bed. Annoyingly, I thought I had some adhesive strips to fit this on the picture rail but it turns out I used it all up so I'll have to update you again with the result once I get some more - probably tomorrow. It may or may not work.. I believe this was £6.99....

To it's credit the ribbon is really lovely quality and it's not flimsy cardboard - and they're not all swans either! ;)

I love this little kitchen gadget. It's a plastic container with penny sized holes in the sides to reveal the activated charcoal inside. This is what soaks up all the bad smells that might be in the fridge and it really does work! For £4.49 it's a bargain and you need to replace it every 6 months :) 

How cute are these?! :) Sadly they don't have a strawberry scent to them but I guess you could buy a little dropper of essence or something... I've hung them on my door handles and just hope to God that Lily doesn't get them off! I wrapped the cotton ties around a few times to shorten it up and hopefully keep it away from mischievous little paws!! 

These little clay hearts were 2 for £4.50 I believe. I really need to keep receipts and pay more attention to what things cost. One comes with a lavender scented dropper and the other is cotton. I plan to hang the cotton one in the hallway and the lavender one above my bed... Once I get some hooks!

This was a much needed item. Storage is a major problem in my kitchen because it's such an awkward size and shape. This cute little container will give me a drawer back and allow me to show off my new Jamie Oliver utensils - once they arrive! £9.99 well spent.

I always bulk buy teabags and having a big box out on the counter isn't terribly nice to look at, so this little container is brilliant! I love the colours :)  Once I get a coffee maker I'll get another one to give that somewhere to live too. I believe this was around the £6 mark.

Do I need to say anything here? I'll try ANYTHING to keep those fecking monsters out of my house. It's cat-safe, I had the sales assistant check for me. It's not harmful to anything but to be honest I wouldn't have an issue with using sulphuric acid if it kept them away. It comes with a spray attachment to cover your windows, doors, etc.

So that was yesterday's efforts from Lakeland :) I resisted the baking supplies, but I will get them very soon as I plan to make my mum some birthday cakes.

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