How to cook : minute-steak with garlic and herb potato wedges and greens

Another super-simple and super-yummy recipe from me! This is one of the rare ones that didn't stem from watching Jamie Oliver... At least I don't think so!?

What you'll need:

~ 4 baking potatoes
~ thin cut steak, depending on size 2 per person
~ beef tomatoes
~ green veggies
~ 2-3 garlic cloves

~ olive oil
~ coarse salt
~ black pepper
~ fresh thyme

Fill up the kettle and get it boiling. Turn your oven on high to preheat. Make sure your steaks are out of the fridge, so they can get to room temperature. 

Get your potatoes and chop them into 8 wedge pieces - each half yields 4 wedges. They don't *have* to be wedge shaped if you're nervous about cutting at an angle either. 

I've made a game for this part of the cooking which basically entails putting the saucepan on high, putting the kettle on and trying to get all my potatoes cut by the time the kettle boils! I know. I'm lame. 

But it is a good idea to get the saucepan heating up before adding your potatoes, so that when the boiling water comes in it will continue to boil almost immediately and so you'll cut down your cooking time. Add salt and pepper to the water and leave to cook for about 10 minutes - or until you can get your knife through the potatoes. They shouldn't be falling apart, ideally! 

Once they're cooked, drain them off and recover to steam until we need them again.

Get yourself an oven tray which is big enough to take all the wedges and leave space - this is important as we want them to crisp up a bit - and stick it in the oven to get hot. 
While that's going on season your potatoes with salt and pepper, then crush 2 garlic cloves in and mix the potatoes around so they all get a little bit. 

Get yourself a decent handful of fresh thyme and just tear it into the potatoes. 

Once the herbs are mixed in, get your tray out of the oven and pour in some olive oil. We need the base of the tray to be covered by a couple of millimeters. Quickly tip out your potatoes into the oil - careful, it might spit - and give them a good mixing around in the oil. Make sure they're all spread out on the tray, give them another dusting of salt and pepper and put them back into the oven for 20 minutes at 220 degrees. 

Now we can prepare our vegetables! I'm using broccoli and cabbage. Get them in a saucepan ready to go with salt and make sure your kettle is filled up and boiled.

Steak time!

Yep! This is another find from my most recent Tesco visit :) by now they should be at room temperature. There are a lot of methods about how to cook steak out there; what I find works best is to have room temperature steak, super simple seasonings and to coat each side with a little olive oil prior to frying in a VERY HOT pan and turning every 30 seconds for no more than 4 minutes. Because this is minute-steak, obviously they'll only be cooked for a minute each side in total. 

It's loud. It's hot and a little bit smokey so make sure you get a window open or the fans going. It's also super fun and once you get the hang of it, it feels like such an achievement goal. It definitely was a big moment for me when I tried this and just seeing how much of a difference there was.

I love steak with cooked tomatoes.  To prepare them just slice in half and cover quite freely with salt. We will cook these with our second batch of steaks so they will get the most flavour; if you're cooking more, wait until the final batch. 

Purely to save on washing up, I prepare the steaks in the plastic tray they were packed in. A small amount of salt, a dusting of pepper and a rub with olive oil. 


By now we should have about 10 minutes on the clock so it's time to get the vegetables cooking and get the pan you're going to cook your steaks in heating up. Remember, no oil in the pan! It's best to use a heavy based pan, as it will retain the heat better. Also get your serving plates ready to rest the steaks on.

So. Once the pan is hot enough, put your first two steaks in oiled side down and quickly season the other side lightly. Count to 30, turn, count to 30, turn, count to 30, turn, count to 30 and OUT. Get them straight onto a plate to rest and turn the pan down to a much lower heat. 

Check your veggies and drain now while you have a spare moment! 

Prepare your next steaks and cook as above. Add your tomatoes salted side down to cook for the time the steaks are in the pan, then turn off the heat and turn over the tomatoes to cook the skins for about a minute. 

That takes us up to when the wedges are cooked, and we're done!!!! 

This is why resting is so important! :)

Well done! :)

As always, I'd love to hear from you with any questions or comments, and please send me a link if you give this or any of my other recipes a try! 

Happy Cooking!


  1. that sounds like a lovely meal and what a nice recipe :) x

    1. It went down well with the boyfriend! :) xx


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