Groupon strikes again : Jamie Oliver utensils

I am almost certain that a fair amount of the contents of my kitchen has come from Groupon! 

It's become a bad habit of mine to check the app at midnight or if I'm asleep by then it's the first thing I do when I wake up. Sad? Perhaps. But I've grabbed some amazing bargains over the past few years and it really is one of my 'go-to' places if I need something. 

My old utensils, apart from perhaps my tongs, garlic crusher and wooden spoon, are from the Argos value range which I bought when I moved out at 18. They've served a purpose, but for what I need, they're just not standing up to the task now my kitchen is becoming quite regularly used!

There are some things you should spend the money on and kitchen utensils is one of them. My mum had a hand mixer that she got as a baby shower present when she was expecting me, and it finally gave up last year! Amazing. They don't make things like that anymore but it's better than replacing discount/budget items every year or something... Especially if you're really serious about cooking. 

Excuse the dent!

Obviously, these were sent sealed in plastic!!

I'm a big fan of the brushed steel look :)
As soon as I saw these on Groupon I didn't even have to think about whether or not it was worth the money. They retail at £59.99 and were being offered for £24.99. No brainer really!!! Jamie Oliver is definitely taking over my kitchen... I have knives, utensils, 2 mini pestle and mortars... Oh and 5 of his books! It's safe to say I'm an avid follower and fan. It blows my mind how much I've learned just by watching his programmes over the past couple of years. 

I believe he has endorsed some Tefal cookware too so if that should appear on Groupon that is definitely going to be on my hit list!

It's too easy to buy on Groupon. I always use my iPhone; two clicks and you're done! I guess that has it's pro's and con's.... 

I have no doubt that these will be fantastic to use and remain in my kitchen for many years to come :)

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