Funny things can happen in psychiatric hospitals!

As it's Tuesday, I spend my mornings at the day hospital in Art Therapy, which I'm actually really growing to like. At the moment, it's all female apart from one Occupational Therapist. 

Last week we had a new lady join us from the inpatient unit. For the sake of privacy and not always referring to her as 'she', I'll call her R... The arrangement is that R gets driven to the day hospital for our group then taken back again. It must be a nice break away from that place; she's been there a fairly long time for an acute unit stay and it's a very intense place to be at the best of times! 

Our first meeting was challenging, but she's a lovely person who just so happens to be very poorly. The other 'service users' as we're called, or is it clients now... I can't keep track of that flavour of BS... seem to be almost scared of her which is quite sad to be honest. For one, if she was dangerous in any way she wouldn't be able to leave the inpatient unit, and two, it was really strange to witness some sort of judgement against someone who is also in need of support. Sure, R is at the more severe end of the spectrum right now but at one point or another we've all been there and now need the same sort of support and therapies or we wouldn't all be sat in the kitchen together waiting for our room to open...


Anyway. R sits next to me and as we share the same Occupational Therapist she sits the other side of me. Last week she was incredibly sedated she could barely stay upright and ended up falling asleep at the table! Today she was much more alert and seemed happier which was lovely to see, but she seemed to have a bad case of wind!

It was only about 15 minutes into our hour, when we'd all settled into our task for the session and the room was pretty much silent when without warning or shades of embarrassment, R let loose an epic fart. She did apologise to the room and made a 'better out than in' remark and then just carried on with her card! 


Farts are funny. I don't care who you are. You hear a fart, you laugh. 

The trouble here was, what the hell is the protocol for this situation?! If we were in someone's living room, you'd be fine with laughing out loud and maybe offering a high five or fist bump... Or even returning fire - yes, I've spent way too long around men to know this happens. But this is a room with poorly people in it. You don't really feel ok to laugh at mentally ill people, even if they do let rip in a silent room without shame. 

There was a trainee with us, sitting opposite me. I have a feeling she's about my age. I looked at her and could tell she was dying inside just as much as I was. It's vital to keep a straight face and not react. The male therapist was obviously impressed and also fighting back the laughs.

It took everything I had inside me to keep my eyes down and focus super hard on my drawing to keep from bursting out into fits of laughs. It kept replaying inside my head though! Nightmare situation. 

Then she did it again!!!!!!!! 

Oh god. Amazing. I really wanted to high five her. 

Everyone remained stoic.... I was just thankful her farts didn't seem to smell! 

So that's what went down in the day hospital this week! I wonder what R will delight us with next time! 

I'll leave you with one of the funniest videos I've seen for a while: 


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