Cybercandy review : Dairy Milk 'Black Forest'

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages; 
Roll up, roll up; allow me to present to you: 

** drum-roll **

 ** oooooh, aaaaahhh **

Haha! ;)

This chocolate bar has come all the way from Australia/New Zealand! I can't figure out which. It's manufactured in Australia but is part of Cybercandys' range for goodies from New Zealand. Either way, this chocolate has clocked up some serious air-miles.

As this is a Cadbury product, I was expecting something familar at least in terms of what the chocolate was going to taste like. My assumption being that they must use the same recipe worldwide... 

As for the 'Black Forest' flavour; my only encounter with it has been in the form of a gateaux which frankly I was never terribly keen on. It was too bitter and I couldn't get on with the cream. Chocolate? Awesome! Cherries? Great, in small doses. I don't recall a gateaux having biscuit but this chocolate bar does, added bonus!

I do wonder why Cadbury opted for 'cherry flavour jellies' as opposed to pieces of actual cherries. Perhaps it was a bitterness issue. Either way, I've not had jelly in my chocolate bars before so this is a brand new experience! 

There's a fair amount of ingredients here but it's to be expected given we're getting chocolate, jelly and biscuits in this 45g bar!
My expression when I saw the energy value was in kilojoules rather than the vastly familiar calorie my expression was pretty much: O_o .... Talk about confusing!

However, there is a percentage in 'DI' which is your daily intake, so 11% of 2000 calories is 220.

So today we learned that 954kJ is worth 220 kcals... and that maths is painfully boring.

Back to chocolate!!!!

 That's a vast improvement! :)

I love how you can clearly see there is biscuit going right through the chocolate, and that it's a chocolate biscuit too! Win-win!!

On the underside of the chocolate bar you can see the little jellies poking through which I love. It's such a novelty!

So the important bit, what did it taste like?!

I don't recall ever having a chocolate bar like this before! It's simply wonderful! :)

You can easily recognise the chocolate as something you've grown up with. The biscuit is just how a biscuit should be and the texture works really well against the chocolate. Then you'll be surprised by a piece of jelly and it did catch me off guard at first. You can certainly pick up on the cherry flavour but it is nowhere near in the leagues of those gateaux desserts. The jelly is a bit sticky and chewy, which I guess could be a bit irritating to some, but I like it! Have a nice cup of tea with this and it'll help er, move the stuck pieces from your teeth!

I had no issue polishing off the whole bar and would definitely buy this again! :)

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  1. Sounds delicious. I wish I'd thought to pick more chocolate bars up when I nipped into Cybercandy in London!


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