Cybercandy mini-haul and a review!!

I can't go to Brighton and not go to Cybercandy.

If I'm on my own it usually takes me a couple of attempts to find the road, even if I'm using my iPhone as navigation. This time I was with my boyfriend who is much more familiar with that area!

I love seeing what they have in stock - a lot more drinks this time around! But I was very sad to see no oreos!!! :( The purpose of my visit was to just get a few smaller things to review until I get emails back about things they didn't have in stock online. 

Dairy Milk 'Snack' : Australia : £2.19
Dairy Milk 'Black Forest' : New Zealand : £1.65
Hershey's Milk Chocolate : America : £1.19

EPIC FIND!!!!!!! :)

Oreo O's : South Korea : £6.99

The Review - Hershey's

As I'm a bit short on time today I decided to get the Hershey's bar out the way this afternoon. I love chocolate and I'm not sorry about saying that. Hershey's makes me nervous because I have heard a lot of other UK based people saying how frankly terrible American chocolate is compared to what we have. I've never had Hershey's before and am going in with an open mind and hoping it's not bad! 

The one thing I like about the labelling here is that it tells you how many of your calories are from fat. That's pretty good information to have. So just over half of the calories in this bar of chocolate come from fat... Have you seen the sodium on this?! Not good... I will check the sodium content on a 45g Dairy Milk bar this evening when I have to make my fortnightly trip to Tesco.

Anyway. Here's what it looks like:

The chocolate is considerably thinner than the Dairy Milk bars we are used to over here in the UK. It smells.... different. I can't place what it is but there is something missing and it's got an artificial feel to it. Just on this my mind is going to advent calendar chocolate. Not the decent advent calendars either....

I'm trying to think of Dairy Milk as I try this chocolate. Dairy Milk is creamy, not bitter and just has a delicate after-taste. The texture is somewhat firm. You can just tell there is a lot of milk used in their chocolate and it's how chocolate should be, in my opinon.

Hershey's...... This is not chocolate. It is definitely of the cheap advent calendar variety and tastes awful. There is no creamy texture. I am wondering if 'vanillin' is the artificial taste and smell I'm picking up. I had to google 'PGPR' to figure out what it was and frankly I'm not surprised. I will also be checking Dairy Milk labels for this 'ingredient'.

This chocolate is leaves my mouth dry and the back of my throat burning. There is a horrible bitter after-taste which reminds me of vomit. There's something I never thought I'd say.

I ate the entire chocolate bar to try to like this product and make sure it wasn't just a bad first impression...

I'm sorry Hershey's, but I will definitely not be trying any more of your products. British chocolate is FAR better!!!

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