Abel and Cole product review: Doves Farm Organic Flapjack

Today I am reviewing another first-time purchase from the wonderful Abel and Cole. This time, I am trying Doves Farm Organic Flapjacks in the apple and sultana variety.

I love flapjacks, they are one of my many guilty snacking pleasures. But I am quite picky. They can't be to sweet or overloaded with butter. I prefer the softer texture to the chewy ones my boyfriend enjoys. This pack of 5 bars cost £1.46 from Abel and Cole, and will cost you £1.75 from Doves Farm.

So what's in these little bars of joy?

Not much! Always a good thing in my book, but I will confess I have absolutely no idea what 'invert sugar syrup' is! There is a nice amount of fruit at 11.8% and considering how small oats are I'm hoping to find a few pieces in there.

Number crunching time!!!

I think this is more of a snack than an addition to your packed lunch but maybe that's just me and my weirdness. As a rule, my snacks are around the 200 calorie mark so this hits the spot nicely. The saturated fat is slightly less than half of the total amount which might seem like a lot but 3g is a teeny dent in your daily allowance and I do remember reading somewhere that we do actually need fat in our diets!! ;) There is next-to-no salt used which is fabulous and 1.9g of fibre. It's really important you try and get as much as you can!! In all, it's a pretty innocent little flapjack saying "eat me, eat me!" .... So I'll happily oblige!

Cath Kidston mug, oh yes!
If you're going to have a flapjack, you need to have a cup of tea. It's just the done thing. Like with chocolate. Or biscuits.... What can I say; I'm English and I like to drink tea.

It's a pretty big portion! It's vastly more than I get sent from Graze and less calories! Congratulations, Doves Farm :)

Sidenote: As I'm talking about a farm I figured I'd show you my coaster. Farms have pigs after all! I love pigs. My Nan sent me this, she's awesome.

Ta-Da!!!!! How amazing is this?! Yes, I was lazy and couldn't be bothered to get up and get a plate but no-one is supposed to care about that right now. Look. At. This. Flapjack! Can you see the fruit peeking through?  

It was incredibly moist but not falling apart at the slightest touch. Take small bites and just let it melt.... I am not exaggerating when I say this is one of the absolute BEST flapjacks I have ever had. I am honestly having trouble believing the calories! It's just, amazing. You could taste the fruit and I even came across whole sultanas! It wasn't overly sweet and the flavour from the oats was lovely and subtle but offered the same sort of feeling a bowl of porridge might on a horrible winter morning. 

Doves, I love you!!!!

These will feature very regularly in my shopping now and I urge everyone reading this to give them a try if you haven't already. It wasn't just me who thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted more!!

Can we have another one please, Mummy?

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