30 Ways to Save £1

The folks at MoneySuperMarket.com have called on bloggers to come up with 30 ways to save £1 as part of the 30th anniversary of the humble £1 coin. Names will be put into a hat and drawn on 17th May, and someone could win up to £2000!

How amazing is that?! 

Having lived on benefits I have a few tricks up my sleeve for when it comes to saving a few pounds and making sure I don't end up in a mess before a major bill is due, like rent! I also have a credit card debt to manage which has made things just slightly more difficult in the past.

Bills, Debt etc

1: Get on excel and make a table of your income and all your bills, excluding food. Work out the difference. This is how much money you have left to play with currently. Where can you make cut-backs? Be brutal. The biggest culprits are energy, phone contracts and TV packages. Oh and gym memberships. Alternatively, there is a super detailed budget planner MoneySuperMarket.com which offers great advice.

2: Make sure that you get on MoneySuperMarket.com every year/when your energy contract is due to expire and make sure you're getting the cheapest rate. If not, it's time to switch it up! 

3: If you have a credit card debt, make sure you get it moved to a 0% APR otherwise you're probably just throwing money down the toilet. Keep moving the balance until it's paid off and destroy the culprit card(s). If the debt is too much to move, go to Citizens Advice or a reputable debt advisory service and discuss your options. 

4: Are you eligible for any benefits? It's an uncomfortable thought for some to have, but we're in a climate where every penny counts and every little really does help. 

5: Do you have a good relationship with your letting agent or landlord? I live in the south east where rent is frankly extortionate compared to other places in the country, so it may be worth writing to them and explaining your current situation and negotiating a small decrease. 

Food, glorious food!

1: There's no shame in buying discount/own brand or value food. In fact, removing the 'blue and white stigma' from their packaging was probably one of the smartest things Tesco has ever done.

2: Another way to make savings is to buy your cleaning and bathing supplies from shops like Wilkinsons. The discounts can be pretty big and you can also buy larger sized items so you'll also save money that way!

3: Milk has become quite expensive, and if you live alone the cost of it can soon pile up. I have found that buying UHT milk works out vastly cheaper.  

4: It might seem a bit duh, Captain Obvious, but don't buy more fresh food than you need and don't waste food. If you really want fresh strawberries or other in season foods, go to a 'pick your own' with the kids or friends and you'll kill 2 birds with 1 stone: yummy fresh fruit and a trip out for the afternoon!

5: Get frozen! Stocking up on own brand frozen vegetables will always be cheaper than buying the same quantity fresh. Plus it's not going to lose any of it's nutritional value! The same can be said for meat and fish. Frozen fruit too! But er, perhaps not the beef products... Sorry, "beef" products.

6: Stop buying ready meals and make batches of home-cooked meals instead. Seriously.

7: Raid the reduced sections! If you've planned your meals in advance it's always worth seeing if your ingredients are there and will be used in the next day or so. During my visit to Tesco last week there was a VAST amount of reduced food which my freezer is now stuffed with. I won't need to go shopping again for weeks. Reduced loaves of bread are always a winner too. 

8: Just because it's on offer doesn't mean you have to buy it. This especially applies to the cakes/crisps/chocolate! If you need kitkats or something for the kiddies lunchboxes, the chances are there is an own brand version and you could buy the same amount for less than the branded offer.. Or you could make some cakes. Pay attention to what the offer actually says too; for example buying 2 bottles of 300ml shampoo may not necessarily be cheaper than buying 1 700ml bottle.

9: Use your vouchers or points and make sure you get their app for bonus points!

10: Make a list and/or a budget and stick to it. I remember going around the shop with my mum and a calculator during the 90's. At least now using your phone is less socially awkward.

11: Always make sure you refill your soap dispenser, washing up liquid, shampoo and conditioner bottles at least a third of the way up with water when they're close to being run out. Mix it up and you'll buy yourself another week or so of time before it really runs out.

"Happy birthday to you...." 

1: Forget going to Clintons for a card! There are vastly cheaper alternatives on the high street now, offering decent cards and wrapping paper for less than half of what Clintons charge!

2: Get together with friends and buy a group present. You'll be able to come up with better options and everyone saves money!

3: Make your own cards or gift.

4: Re-gifting....

5: Use sales to buy gifts in advance and allocate them as they're needed.

For our furry friends :)

1: Go raw/frozen! Raw feeding is by far the cheapest and best way to feed our cats and dogs. You can make your own mix from home - but make sure you get a good recipe - or find a supplier of Natural Instinct

2: Buy supplies from discount outlets such as petplanet or zooplus.

3: You don't need to buy cats expensive toys to keep them amused. They are more than happy with an empty cardboard box. I'm not saying don't buy them toys to play with, just illustrating a point!

4: Keep them at a healthy weight and up-to-date with their injections and worming. This will keep your insurance premiums down. Don't claim unless you absolutely have to as it may come back to bite you later as a 'pre-existing condition'.

5: Buy advocate in bulk - I get 6 months at a time for about £30 from my vet.


1: Going to the cinema is so expensive now, so take advantage of 'Orange Wednesday' if you can. This offer is also valid at Pizza Express so you can get dinner and a movie for half price! Cineworld offer 'cheap Tuesdays' too.

2: Groupon is amazing. As is hotukdeals!

3: Don't throw things away if they seem broken. Try to repair it before replacing!

4: Some stores may offer a small (10%) discount if you offer to pay for a high value item in cash.

And that's my 30 money saving tips! :)

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  1. I did one of these too... love sharing tips like this! Great post
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