10 Day You Challenge : Ten Secrets

I saw this on OhToFeelPretty and figured why not give this a crack! After all, this blog needs variety and such! Plus I need something to do... So here we go!

1: I feel terribly guilty and ashamed about being reliant on the DWP to support myself, but also immensely thankful that I am able to live in my own flat rather than in a bedsit or a hostel. 

2: I can't drive. I want to but I don't know if I will ever be able to control my anxiety enough. It feels so pathetic. 

3: I have quite a twisted sense of humor. 

4: My brain chemistry is such that I find it almost impossible to commit happy thoughts or events to memory.

5: At this point in time, I feel I owe my current stage of recovery entirely to my boyfriend. 

6: I worry that I will never have 'real' friends. My social anxiety seems to reach into the realm of the internet too!

7: Seeing how teenagers are behaving now makes me want to scream most of the time. They're just AWFUL. What happened?! As far as I remember, 10 years ago we weren't behaving like that. Ugh. 

8: I will always love my pets more than my boyfriend.

9: I trust absolutely no-one, but I do hope this changes!

10: I desperately want this blog to be a success and help people. 

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  1. I relate to 4.
    Oh and animals are way better than people ;)


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