10 Day You Challenge : Six Places

1: On my sofa, under the duvet with Lily on my lap and my boyfriend next to me. My perfect little family!

2: Cardiff, Wales. I love the city, the people... I can't explain why. I'd love to live there. My boyfriend and I have spent a fair few 3-5 day visits there and it truly does remind me of happy times. We used to stay in a beautiful apartment right on the river Taff. Oh, I want to go back!

3: My grandparents old house in the Midlands. They built it themselves and it was just perfect. It was my sanctuary for many, many years. One day I will buy it back.

4: Centre Parcs, Longleat. We are returning for our second holiday in just over 4 weeks and I can't wait! It's perfect for people like me. You're surrounded by nature and there's little animals everywhere, there's little lakes all around, you might get lucky and spot deer... It's so quiet and beautiful. I just love it!!

5: Spain. We are planning to go to the southern tip of Spain in July for my first trip abroad. All we need to do is book the flights... Thank God that it turned out the cheapest option was BA! I'm excited, terrified and just..... Oh gosh. I felt like this when I had to leave Lily at the cattery for the first time. I'm terrified of planes. And airports.

6: Brighton. This is more than likely the city where my boyfriend and I will finally take the next step in our relationship; moving in together! About time after being together for 4 years!! It is also the city where I intend to go to university and finally re-start my education. I used to work in Brighton and is the place where my 'career' started to make significant strides and also where it ended so abruptly.

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