10 Day You Challenge : Nine Loves

1: I love water. The sound of it. The way it feels. It's so calming... I'd be happy as a mermaid.

2: I love animals - including my pets, obviously, and some insects like ladybirds and butterflies... It's a dream of mine to have a sanctuary/rescue centre. I did consider veterinary nursing but I would cry an awful lot and generally not cope terribly well...

3: I love my boyfriend, obviously. But on that same note I love waking up next to him and being able to just lay in his arms. I never feel safer than in those moments.

4: I love music and dancing.

5: I love reading and learning new things, or expanding on what I already know.

6: I love the colour purple.

7: I love helping people and when they feel they can come to me for support.

8: I love shoes. At one point I had close to 50 pairs but got strict with myself and donated most to charity! The same with clothes, but I guess the upside to being trapped inside is less need for clothes... But my PJ collection is expanding rapidly! Oh and home furnishings... and kitchenware. I have a problem.... Haha.

9: I love knowing recovery is possible.

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