10 Day You Challenge : Four Books

1:  The Long Road Home by Danielle Steel

Gabriella is born into a tragic situation. She is continually abused and neglected by her mother and isn't protected by her passive father. She is beaten within an inch of her life before being abandoned at a convent, where she falls in love with a young priest. Their affair was too much for the priest to bare and he commits suicide. Gabriella is forced to leave the convent and she moves into a shared house and gets a job at a book shop. She enters into a relationship with another tenant in the house who turns out to be an abusive monster who attacks Gabriella and leaves her for dead. While in hospital she forms a bond with a doctor and together they travel to confront her parents, closing the chapter on this story of survival.

2: Wasted by Marya Hornbacher

Marya is an incredibly intelligent woman and a gifted writer. In this book she tells the story of her eating disorder with brutal honesty and courage. If you aren't familiar with anorexia or bulimia, this book will open your eyes to the pain and suffering that comes with these terrible mental illnesses. This truly is a very unique book amongst the genre and essential reading!

3: Confessions of a GP by Dr Benjamin Daniels

This is an absolutely hilarious and well-written book by Dr. Daniels about different aspects of general practice and the bureaucracy they come up against on a daily basis. You will definitely have a new found respect for your GP and probably think twice about how s/he feels about certain things! 

4: A Teaspoon of Courage by Bradley Trevor Grieve

These are wonderful little books. Each page has a sentence or two of text with an adorable and relevant animal picture. They are uplifting, reassuring, hugs with written words. Grieve has written many books and they make an ideal gift for all sorts of occasions. I often pick this book up if I am about to do something that provokes panic in me! Just wonderful.

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