10 Day You Challenge : Eight Fears

1: Spiders. Or anything with more than 4 legs really..... I. HATE. SPIDERS.

2: Clowns. Damn you, Stephen King!

3: Flying. Planes/being in the air in general. I have dreams where I can fly and wake myself up shouting "Let me down".... So yeah.

4: Driving on dual carriageways. I *can* drive, despite not taking my test I know I have the skill set and I'm a good driver. But my anxiety and panic makes me unsafe. Dual carriageways are a problem because I was in a car accident at 16 and ever since then those roads have caused a great deal of anxiety; either as a passenger or when I was driving with my instructor.

5: The day OxO and Lily pass away.... and any other furry friends I have.... When Millie died I fully lost my mind.

6: Not ever being well enough to return to university and get my degree/masters/PhD...

7: Losing my grandparents... and/or losing them before I have a child.

8: Seeing my father. Or my ex. Just. No.

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