Vertical Labret - Day 5 - plus mini update and what's coming next week!

I'm getting used to this piercing now! It's healing really well and the swelling is going down so much. I can actually feel the bar going through my lip now - I know that sounds gross but it feels so cool! 

This morning :) I know it still looks swollen but it's really not!

The only change I've noticed since I last updated is that I'm getting a lot more fluid out of the piercing and in the morning it's getting stuck from whatever has seeped out and dried during the night. I'm still using the saline soaks up to 4 times a day and the ibuprofen, but I ran out of the arnica yesterday! 

I'm starting to think that my lower lip may remain fuller looking now. It doesn't feel swollen but there's definitely a change!! Not complaining mind. 

Kissing has been a learning curve! I've quickly realised that my lip becomes irritated and sore very quickly, so we leave my lower lip alone now and have obviously reduced the frequency of our kisses! Haha. I absolutely love the sensation of the ball on my lips but I think my boyfriend is still adjusting to it. 

In all... I absolutely love my vertical labret and Quentin is the master of his craft for sure!!! :) 

Please ask any questions if you have any! 

~~~ In Other News!! ~~~

I'm not really a make-up person. I mean, I wear it but I've never really changed the brand I go to or 'style' as it were. My friend mentioned Maybelline Dream Matte mousse so I looked it out in Boots and then spent far too much time playing with make-up while my poor boyfriend waited! It turned out to be a pretty successful trip. I got £19 worth of make-up for £4 thanks to the amount of points I had on my Boots Card! :) 

  • Natural Collection: Green correction stick
  • Maybelline Dream Matte mousse: light porcelain
  • Collection 2000: brown colour lash
  • Maybelline Dream Lumi touch: ivory
  • Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip liner: black and purple

Out of all of these, I'm most excited by the mousse and the felt tip liners! I have a very unsteady hand though so it may take some practice... 

Mental health situation: Venlafaxine is making a minor impact on my mood but is definitely making my anxiety worse. On Friday I saw my GP and mentioned adding quetiapine. He thought about it and listened to my reasons why I felt it might be worth a try. It took about 5 minutes for him to decide that a psychiatrist should probably manage my medications now, or at least meet me and offer his advice. 

So now I need to ask my occupational therapist to arrange an appointment for me at the day hospital. It's quicker that way than my GP doing a referral! He did mention that I seemed more 'present' and coherent than the last time he saw me so we're on the right path. 

Honestly, I feel a bit 'wired' and like I'm edging towards hypomania but it's hard to tell what's normal after being in the darkness for so long... Hm.

Finally: Next week I will be doing the SoulmateFood 5 day juice cleanse. It lasts from Monday to Friday and I'll be updating daily with my progress and random thoughts about it. I've done a few 3 day cleanses and found them easy enough to get through to now try and up my game a bit! Plus my diet has been shockingly awful lately - depression sucks - and I need a severe dose of goodness. It's really not about losing weight, but I will keep tabs on it. I always feel miles better after the 3 day cleanses so hopefully the same will happen again this time. Not going to lie, I'm a bit nervous the cravings for bad foods will win me over but if I can fight against the addiction to alcohol I can fight my brain against it's need for chocolate to make depression hurt less. 

Ok. I've talked enough for today!!

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  1. it's looking really good. Take care with kissing though =P
    Glad the meds are helping as well, hopefully the psychiatrist will sort something for your anxiety too. x


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