Vertical Labret - Day 2!

A few things I discovered yesterday: 

~ I'm having to re-learn, again, how to eat and drink! 

~ Certain people in my life don't quite 'get' piercings and have concerns I'm going to end up with piercings coming out of every possible place with tattoos all over me to match. 

~ Lip piercings makes the skin soooooo sore and dry! 

~ I'm getting bored of having to justify myself to people for the way I choose to dress, colour my hair, tattoos I have and plan to have and whatever hole I decide to put in my face. This includes my boyfriend. 

~ This is who I am. This is what I like. If you don't like it, that's your issue and not mine. 

~ Looking like this doesn't automatically make me an asshole or a freak or anything. If anything it makes me brave for breaking from the 'norm' which in the town I live in is generally overweight teen mothers with a fag in their gobs while wearing what could be mistaken for PJs while pushing their screaming kids around. 


Swelling this morning...

So yeah. 

I've got a bit of swelling now. It's not making the bar tight or painful, thankfully. Ibuprofen is keeping a lid on the worst of it I think. I'm taking 600mg, three times a day. Yes, I know this looks like a lot. But. I was taking more than this at 10/11 years old, so no need to freak out. 

My routine in the morning is to get my medications done first. Then go wash my face - freederm wipes! - and brush my teeth, carefully! Remember that the vertical labret doesn't interfere with the gums as the bar is in the lip, but we all know that toothpaste drips and it burns like satans asshole on a fresh piercing. Cold water feels awesome on it though! 

I figured I'd have a cup of tea before I took my arnica tablets, so when the kettle boiled I made up my saline in a shot glass alongside my tea. After a 5 minute soaking I cleaned off the piercing and was very pleased to see very little coming out. I have been checking it frequently and wiping away anything that weeps out when I see it though - with a clean cotton bud, of course!

I've got a technique for drinking now. I rest the mug on the upper ball of the piercing. Eating is a bit more tricky but I think that's partly because it's just sore and the mechanism of eating makes the muscles grumpy. 

Next week (I think?!) I'm doing a 5 day SoulMateFood juice detox which will be awesome. I always feel so much better both physically and mentally afterwards, and that level of nutrition will do wonders for the healing process! 

That's all for now! :)

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  1. People in your life sound a bit like my mum, she is convinced I'm going to turn into a giant piece of metal xD


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