soulmatefood Juice Cleanse: Day Three

I've only ever made it through a 3 day cleanse before, so I'm one juice away from my personal best! It's starting to become a bit tougher, but I'm nowhere near at the point of breaking down and eating. I am, however, debating what to have for breakfast Saturday morning. 

My day started at 5am when my bladder demanded emptying. I managed to get back to sleep until 9am when Lily demanded I get up! For a little cat she sure knows how to make a noise! I felt a lot more refreshed which was incredibly surprising and getting out of bed wasn't a painful struggle. I weighed myself and so far I seem to have lost 1.2lbs... Pretty ambivalent about that to be honest! My stomach has definitely lost it's bloat and I think my face has deflated a bit too.

It wasn't until mid-afternoon when the headaches and fatigue kicked in. Something new I'm experiencing this time is bouts of nausea and I'm not entirely sure why. Hunger pangs seem to hit every 2 hours or so too.

The confusing part is wanting to eat when I'm not physically hungry. It's just so strange to be only consuming fruit juice and I can't quite explain why. I've had to resort to a liquid diet in the past but it didn't have this effect on my thought patterns. It's not necessarily a bad thing. It's forcing me to look at my relationship with food a little bit more and that can only be a good thing for my recovery. I don't understand why I am longing for solid food when I'm not starving hungry. I know how a starved brain behaves and this isn't it. My calorie intake on this cleanse is a reasonable 1200 a day. Before I started this I was having around 1800 calories a day. Some days were lower, some days were higher... Hm!

Perhaps if there was a more savoury note to a couple of the juices it'd help with that particular 'craving'. If I were to offer a criticism, that would be it. It's all a bit too sweet. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving these juices and I have the worlds worst sweet tooth but after 3 days it's getting a bit..... sickly? I'm drinking way more tea than usual and am resorting to my caffeine free diet coke to change the 'texture' of what I'm drinking a bit more. The bubbles help with hunger a bit too. 


My boyfriend is staying with me for a few days now. He doesn't understand why I'm doing this but he's not demanding I eat or anything like that. To him, cleanses like this are on par with running a marathon. I've explained why it feels important to me and how having this blog to document my progress and have some sort of accountability. I'd hate to come here and admit I've failed. 

I'm over half way there now and definitely feel a lot stronger right now than at what would have been the final evening of my previous cleanses. He's making fish cakes for his dinner tonight and I'm not craving it or drooling like Hooch - from Turner and Hooch, epic film - or anything... That might be because I really have to be in the mood for them... Meh! I'll take it as a win.

From now on I'm going to be really focusing on 'quiet' activities like meditation with binaural beats and perhaps taking a quiet walk to the craft shop to get a cross-stitch kit to play with. I'd love love love to be able to knit but I just can't get the hang of it! Cross-stitch takes me back to my childhood when I was off school for weeks on end; I'd curl up in the armchair and pass an entire afternoon sewing. It's one of the few happy memories I have! 

That's enough of my babble I think!! 

As always, please comment and share your thoughts and/or experiences with juice cleansing :) 

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