soulmatefood Juice Cleanse: Day One

The wonderful people at soulmatefood have this to say about their juice cleanse: 

"Jump start your metabolism for long term benefits. Our amazing fruit based, all natural cleanse not only rids your body of harmful toxins, but will help to increase metabolic performance and energy output, leading you on your journey to optimum health. This scientifically designed juice and smoothie cleanse helps to improve efficiency of body function and digestion, due to a cleaner colon, leading to improved absorption of nutrients. Greater efficiency equals enhanced energy levels and mental clarity"

I am doing their 'full cleanse', which is a 5 day juice programme. I have completed a few 3 day 'easy cleanse' programmes over the past 18 months or so and felt sufficiently toxic to push that extra bit harder this time! I've always felt surprisingly better, both physically and mentally, after doing these cleanses so I'm very hopeful about this one.

It cost £75 for the 5 days. To be honest, I'll only do this when they're offering it at a discount. I can just about justify the £75 because I can spend that in Tesco for a weeks worth of supplies sometimes, but I'll never fork out £200 or £150 for the 3 days! Sorry, soulmatefood! 

ThatRedheadSaid : Juice Cleanse Day One

My juices were delivered this morning either silently or I was in such a deep sleep I didn't hear my doorbell! They were left on the doorstep which was totally fine. I’m so tired!! Last week was my busiest for a very long time and I’m definitely starting to pay for it. The timing of this juice cleanse couldn’t have been better.

My weigh in this morning was a bit of a depressing moment. I knew I’d been gaining weight since the nausea side-effect was controlled enough. The trouble is all I can really stomach are quite high calorie, dense type foods. I’m getting back on track with cooking and making healthy choices. I honestly do feel worse when I eat mostly processed rubbish, but it’s easy… My thinking now is to make batches of things maybe once a week and freeze them, so I’m not cooking daily and using too much energy but still have access to ‘real food’.

This week is going to be a very quiet one. It’s definitely needed!! Tomorrow I have my hour at the day hospital. A wander around town after will do me good I think. I’ll miss my coffee trip to Nero’s though! Anyway, this is how my day went:

ThatRedheadSaid : Juice Cleanse Day One

10.45am: 2 mugs lemon and hot water
12pm: juice 1. Amazing clean flavours. Pure and refreshing. I think it’s my favourite!
1.30pm: cup of tea, semi-skimmed milk and no sugar or sweetener
2pm: juice 2. Pleasantly surprised. I really don’t like coconut but I can mostly taste banana. Much thicker consistency which is welcome as I felt a bit hungry!
3.30pm: cup of tea, semi-skimmed milk and no sugar or sweetener
4pm: juice 3. I love berries and I love this juice! It’s almost a smoothie really. I can really taste the cherries and it’s just awesome.
5pm: yet more tea!
6pm: juice 4. YUM!!!! Definitely a smoothie and this consistency is desperately needed as I’m genuinely hungry. Hopefully it’s just an adjustment thing

8pm: 750ml sugar free Ribena
8.30pm: juice 5. It’s a thicker and less sharp version of the first juice. A welcome break from the berries of the previous two juices. Refreshing!
9pm: cup of tea!
10pm: juice 6. Not a strong berry flavour but very yummy. It's definitely a smoothie and a great way to end the day and go to bed on. The texture is such that you could almost chew if you felt the need. Fab! I'm also having another 2 mugs (750ml) of hot sugar free ribena before I go to sleep. 

Success! :) I do feel a bit woozy but I'm tempted to blame my medication rather than not eating any carbs today, having never felt this way before! I have been insanely busy today working on my blog and I'm absolutely shattered, my head is throbbing and I am going to bed very soon!

ThatRedheadSaid : Juice Cleanse Day One
Lily loves soulmatefood and even has healthy toys!

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