soulmatefood Juice Cleanse : Day Four

It’s day FOUR!!!! I made it!! 

I’m so happy to have beaten my old record finally but it came at a price. My sleep was so disturbed by either hunger pains or needing to go and pee, it just sucked. The pains I was experiencing were an all over sort of ache, almost burning sensation, and it was just impossible to get comfy enough to sleep. My stomach was also making all kinds of noises which were both annoying and hilarious! I was pretty embarrassed but my boyfriend reminded me that his stomach growls a lot and I don’t think less of him – eating disordered thought – and to just see the funny side, which I did. 

I didn’t weigh myself this morning, but I will tomorrow and Saturday morning.

The cravings to eat have settled down for now so I don’t feel like I’m using precious energy arguing with my head. I do feel more alert though. My thoughts are clearer and dare I say it, more logical. I know I said yesterday I might go to the craft shop, but to be honest I’m a little worried about having a sudden dip in blood sugar and keeling over. This is foreign territory for me and the last thing I want to do is make an ass of myself in public. 

I’m still experiencing headaches and horrible bouts of dizziness and nausea but I’m hoping with rest it will get better. My eye mask is being put to use again and is currently sitting in the fridge next to my juices. Before you think I’ve lost the plot, it’s got a gel insert in it so it’s ideal for headaches!

I was approached on twitter this morning about a ‘side-effect’ of this cleanse which I felt needed mentioning here. She was concerned because she hadn’t been able to ‘go’ in a while. I have found this to be very common and can only assume that it’s because digesting juices and getting the necessary er, bulk, takes longer than when you are on a normal diet as it were. I don’t see any harm in adding a glass of prune juice onto your final day if you’re really uncomfortable and don’t want to take tablets. It might also help to drink a few very strong mugs of lemon juice with hot water. For some people it has the same effect as a cup of coffee!

So far all I’ve done today is put a load of washing on – hanging it up to dry is going to suck - and ordered some snack supplies. With it being the Easter weekend I’m pretty certain they won’t arrive until Tuesday or Wednesday, so there won’t be extra temptation around until I’m allowed to eat again! My graze box came yesterday, and it’s been put in a cupboard and still sealed!

Having open packets around during cleanses is not something I can deal with, even if it’s not out in the open. It’s like they talk to me from the cupboard and just need to be eaten to get some peace and quiet! I’ve only just been able to put a few biscuits on a plate and have those rather than inhaling the entire packet out of anxiety of just having them around and waiting to remind me of their presence and ends with my head in the toilet.

That’s why before I do these cleanses I always make sure my kitchen is as safe as it can be, but my thoughts and attitudes around food have changed a lot. One thing I am most proud of myself for is being able to go into restaurants and eat a normal meal, rather than picking at a salad. Hell, I even suggest places now! I can eat around my boyfriend with ease, at last, and I’m starting to be able to have a snack when I’m at my mums’ house.

It just goes to show that if you put the work in, no matter how much is sucks at the time, it’s all worth it in the end. That is what is carrying me to the end of what will be my first ever 5 day juice cleanse! I booked myself a full body hot stone massage for next Friday as a reward. I think I’ve earned it!

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  1. Every time I read these I want to starta fast or a cleanse. Now I want a massage too, darn you =P


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