Piercings! Vertical Labret - Day one

Sooooooo! I got a new piercing today :) 

I'd wanted a vertical labret for a while now but was always so worried about a) the pain and b) it looking stupid on me, but after a couple of weeks of intense googling and looking up experiences on YouTube I finally bit the bullet. 

I went after my hour at the day hospital and a coffee from Nero's - it was my free one for my stamp card! I had a look around the shops too and saw so many things I wanted to have!!! Thankfully I behaved, this time. 

Anyway. I spoke to the guys in the piercing studio about the vertical labret and it seemed that because I don't have terribly full lips there's a chance of it rejecting. It was difficult to decide to go ahead with it because of the threat of scarring and the positioning being off but I trust Quentin implicitly - which I later discovered he doesn't like to hear! Haha. 

I signed the form and went through to the other room where we spent a few minutes getting the alignment right, then it was time to lay back and get into as much of a relaxed state as I could. 

This is another reason I love this piercing studio. There is no rush or pressure at all. It's all about making the experience as nice as possible. Perhaps that's why I keep getting more and more holes put in my skin!! Of course, being in such experienced hands helps ease the flow of adrenaline that was now exploding out of my brain and shooting through my blood stream at a million miles per minute. 

Eyes closed. Think of something happy and calming - my go to is swimming in a clear sea with coral underneath - and keep going with meditative breathing. 

He clamps my lower lip, checks the alignment one last time and lets me know he's going in for the piercing about the same time as the needle is pushed through. 

Now, the main question everyone asks when it comes to piercings is how much it hurt. Pain is relative. It's unique to each person and how they tolerate different types of pain. I know it's almost the norm to deny pain, but I don't see how it's anything to be ashamed of. Pain shows that you're human, and not a robot - or a zombie. 

So yeah, it hurt. But it wasn't unbearable. Short, sharp pain and a bit of pressure as the needle went through and then tracked out with the bar coming in it's place. I wish I'd recorded this process.... Oh well. I did let out a bit of a yelp but wasn't screaming by any means. It was easier in that moment than to move my arms to my sides to grip the chair. When I'm trying to relax or meditate I cross my arms over my chest which works great in piercing because it keeps your shoulders nice and low and relaxed. 

The only sensation I can draw a comparison with on this is something like biting the end of your tongue but it lasts way less time. As soon as the bar was fixed in place it wasn't hurting at all. Literally a matter of seconds of pain, including the initial shock. 

So yeah! There's that. 

Aftercare: Saline washes, arnica tablets, ibuprofen and ice!!! 

I'm anticipating a fair bit of swelling as this is the 1st piercing of this kind I have had. When my tongue was initially pierced I had pretty bad swelling for a few days so I'm expecting more of the same. I should be able to downsize the bar in 6 weeks. 

If you've got any questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer in a helpful way! ;) 

Day 1 :)

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