If you don't have anything nice to say...

... Then don't say anything at all.

Which film was that from? Bambi? Disney might have been a racist S.O.B. but he made some good points. What's your favourite Disney film? I honestly couldn't choose... Definitely not Bambi, it makes me cry so much. I'd love all the Disney films from my childhood on DVD.

Anyway. I'm sorry for not posting! Mentally things aren't fabulous and I don't want to just write anything and bore the crap out of you. I've been too tired to try and tackle writing about anything with substance...  If you really want to know how I've been spending my days, read on at your own risk.

I've been really busy. For me, anyway. 

Saturday was horrible. Lily was poorly - vomiting and diarrhea - and was clearly in pain so I made the decision to call the emergency vet. My mum had to take us, and as per usual she made me second guess my judgement but I stuck with it and we went. Thankfully, Lily wasn't dehydrated yet and she didn't have a temperature or anything so we were allowed to go home for the night. 

I had to feed her tiny amounts every 2 hours, and if she couldn't keep that down then she would have to go back the following day for IV fluids. I was so worried but thankfully she managed to stop being sick and loved having what was essentially a chicken broth! Getting a cat to drink is impossible so I decided to trick her into drinking, haha. 
Very happy to be home! :)
By the time bedtime rolled around she was clearly feeling stronger and was so happy to be home she wouldn't leave my side. It's quite rare she sleeps on the bed with me now but she did that night. It was lovely.  

On Sunday I made the trip to Brighton to see the boyfriend for a few stolen hours. Lily was back to her old self so I felt ok about having a break! We went to YO! Sushi. We were so intimidated by the set up before we finally braved it in Cardiff a few months ago. It's AWESOME!!! If you haven't been, you mustmustmust. It's so fun. The stools aren't terribly comfy so try and grab a booth if you can! 

Mine is the stack on the left... Oink!!!

I had to get the bus because the trains weren't working for some reason. I loathe the rail replacement service so I opted for the route along the seafront. It's about £2 more expensive but it's way less walking overall and I am guaranteed a seat. The trains are generally always full to bursting. It was a fun few hours, even if it was sheer sensory overload and very draining! 

How cold has it suddenly gotten by the way?! But being a typical Brit, I'd also moan about it being too hot. 

Alien Brain!!!!
Monday: Abel and Cole delivery day!!! 
This week I was confronted with celeriac. It's not the prettiest looking thing, and I can't say I remember eating it before so we'll see how that goes... Maybe I'll try some of their suggestions when I'm less accident prone! That's all that happened...

Tuesday/yesterday: I became superwoman. I vacuumed. I hauled 20 x 2 litre bottles up my stairs along with other supplies I needed from Tesco. I cooked a proper meal for my boyfriend and I - Chilli. Well, it was supposed to be but being an overtired cabbage on a good day I forgot a crucial ingredient so the consistency wasn't as it should have been, and Lily decided to shout from the hallway the entire time I was trying to cook which threw my timings off and oh god it was just chaos. I also lost track of what spices I'd used so it was like molten lava after an hour of cooking. Eurgh. Oh, and I managed to cut the tip of my finger open with my new knife. ** applause ** 

It's nice to have 'people company' for a couple of days now though... 

So that's that. Superficial, boring crap! 

Tomorrow will be a good day. I'm going to the Abel and Cole Festive Foodie Do with a lovely friend I rarely see so today is just rest so I have the strength to survive the event without curling up in a corner. 

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